Microsoft unveiled Xbox SmartGlas at 3E this past summer. It was hyped as a new vision for enjoying entertainment at home.  Xbox SmartGlass is an app for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, PCs and tablets that connects to your Xbox 360. What it does is make your more interactive.  One of the games that was showed off was Madden. The EA Sports rep posed a question “What if you could use your tablet to draw up a play in Madden NFL and then perform it to perfection on your TV?” With SmartGlass you will be able to do just that. To be fair. WiiU is betting that you will do this over and over again. However I bet you didn’t know you can already do this with some iOS games such as MetalStorm pictured below.


I am constant defender off almost all things Apple. (Sorry, MacBook Air cost just too much compared to a Ultra Book) Is the Galaxy S III a better phone than the iPhone 5? If you just go by specs, than yes. However if you use both you will be pro Apple iPhone. It is not about what is on paper it is about the whole experience. I had a friend text me and ask how to make folders. I explain how to do it. They texted me back asking; How does it know the name I wanted to give the folder? That is the staple of Apple. Thing just work naturally. That said, I, like many of you can remember a time before iPhones. One of the things I remember and miss was the ability to have an extra battery for travel. Sure I own a Mophie Juice Pack (Product) Red™  edition that fully charges by battery when critically low but it’s not the same as a quick switch. Also the extra wait is bothersome and you lose the beauty of the phone under cumbersome a case. As Android users like to remind me at every opportunity iPhones do not have a removable battery.  Well turns out that Apple offers a battery replacement for $79, plus $6.95 shipping. I know it’s not the same as a quick switch but at lease Apple even disposes of your battery in an environmentally friendly manner. Sorry, FanBoys, Android phones win this round. So you may have already knew that. Here is what  you didn’t know. Even in iOS 6, Siri is still beta form.


Apple completed testing of LTE in August 2012 using preproduction iPhone 5 units. They were all using iOS 6 beta software. They used LTE on GSM and CDMA networks. The internet part of the LTE test were done on a over dedicated web server. iPhone 5 did not get to go on the wild wild west of the internet instead the iPhone 5 browsed snapshot versions of 20 popular web pages. The iPhone 5 also set to receive mail once an hour. The Wi-Fi feature Ask to Join Networks and Auto-Brightness were turned off but all other settings were default. One wonders if this is the best setting to use to extend battery life.

By Rubens Saintel

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