Apple blocked updates to Microsoft’s SkyDrive app for iOS. The reason is money.  Apple is wants a 30% cut of revenue from the users who sign up for a SkyDrive subscription. Apple does this with all apps in the App Store. It’s that pay wall. It is one of the risk you run into when you develop apps for sale in the Appstore.  Microsoft’s app lets you sign up for free SkyDrive account. Then later if you wish you can sign up for a paid subscription.  at a later time. Since Microsoft is not paying Apple’s required 30% of sales on all subscriptions. Apple has blocked all updates to the app. It even has gone as far as to block out updates to apps that integrate with SkyDrive. They too cannot update until Microsoft and Apple work things out. Microsoft tried to push an update that removes all subscription options from its SkyDrive app but Apple still rejected that version. The last update to SkyDrive was released this past June. I can see stopping Microsoft but when you go after other developers that can not control the API, it is a problem.

By Rubens Saintel

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