Siri sucks and the commercials are a blatant lie. That sounds very harsh and the 1st thought of a lot of people. For those that hate Siri, the jailbreak community has responded. The jailbreak community often comes to along and makes Apple’s iOS much better than it is. Later Apple incorporates that idea into its own. Most of the time without giving credit, as was the case with inclusion of  Wireless Sync on the iOS 5. We digress, Siri has gotten a lot better with OS 6. However it still does not work when you want it and some of the results are less than desired.  Google the search giant also has an assistant called Google Now.  Google Now is ridiculously faster than Siri and more accurate.  What caused this writer, a die hard Apple iPhone user to switch over to Google Now is its ability to understand plain human speech. Thanks to the simple to use Evasi0n everyone should have a jailbroken iPhone. The NowNow tweak on Cydia can be used to replace Siri with Google Now.  Watch  the video below, to see the hack in action.


By Rubens Saintel

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