Does iMessage and WhatsApp have competition? Verizon has a new cross-platform text messaging app for Android and iOS devices. Is this news to you? Well this is the 4th update to the app.  The application is similar to Google Voice as it lets you send and receive a text message from a PC, smartphone or tablet. The thing that might give you reservations is the text are stored on Verizon’s cloud for up to 90 days. Unlike services from WhatsApp and iMessage, the application uses a smartphone’s phone number instead of a username. Although Verizon Messages has a leg up on other text messaging apps; it is still not better than Google Voice.  You can get the same features from Google Voice and a host of other text apps out there but if you’re on Verizon Wireless and want to give it a try, Verizon’s Messages application is available now in Google Play and the iOS App Store. Check out the cheerful demo below.




By Rubens Saintel

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