What happens when the person who heads up Nokia developer experience leaves for Amazon? You get rumors upon rumors about a smartphone in a Kindle flavor. Amazon is working on its own-brand of smartphones. This is not news but what is not known is how soon we can see this lovely creation. What we do know is that you will have a phone that is somewhat like the Kindle Fire. In that you will not see any Google Android apps anywhere. So Gmail and Google Play will be missing. This heavily customized version of Android might be highly influenced by Windows Phone since Amazon has brought over Windows Phone experts and just recently Nokia’s head of developer experience Marco Argenti confirmed he joined Team Amazon. Argenti said “Its been an exciting ride at Nokia, glad [to] have been part of and wishing great success [for] the future. Looking [forward] to a new chapter at AWS,”wrote. Argenti will be working on  building a new team within Amazon’s Web services arm that will… wait for it… wait for it… focus on mobile products. Boom that just happened, Kindle Phone.

By Rubens Saintel

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