Sony is really trying to get back into the game. (see what I did there?) At the Tokyo Game Show press conference in Japan Sony welcomed the world to the PlayStation Vita TV. Vita TV lets you play Vita games on your television. Which in it’s self is worthless because lets be serious, how many people really own a Vita? The Vita TV does some other really interesting things that make me want to take the multi-hour plane trip to Japan to pick one up. For one it will let you stream your Playstation 4 to another TV. That’s right you can pause your game go upstairs out of the mancave and start playing Killzone in the living room. That right there is something that Microsoft should really be afraid of. That is a killer feature that might just be enough to push some loyalist over to the dark side.


The Vita TV will be compatible with up to two DualShock 3 controllers and will have access to streaming service such as Hulu. Sony said that with updates the Vita TV will support DualShock 4 and PS4 remote play. The PS Vita TV will ship in Japan on November 14th for 9,954 yen. That is about $100 No word on when or if this lovely set top box will hit the American shores. However catch the 2nd video below and full press release.


By Rubens Saintel

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