Apple has done what no one else could since 2000. They have surpassed Coca-Cola to become the most valuable brand on the planet. The information comes from a report published by Interbrand. Coca-Cola has held the top spot since the survey started. However that all changed this year.  Google now holds the 2nd spot. Which means Coca-Cola has moved down all the way to moved into third.  The report is based on financial performance, customer loyalty, and the role each brand plays in a purchasing decision.

Apple’s brand is worth $98.3 billion, Google’s at $93.3 billion, and Coca-Cola’s $79.2 billion.IBM and Microsoft  hold the 4th and 5th spots respectfully. Samsung has a long way to go to reach Apple’s status. They are in the 8th spot of most valuable brands in the world. Facebook and Twitter are not even in the top 10.

By Rubens Saintel

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