The Xbox One started out with so many mistakes its a wonder that it sold as well as it did. It turned out to be a very good product but it was lacking many features that the Xbox 360 had. Namely the multimedia apps that are in abundance in Xbox 360. Microsoft has taken note.  Xbox One’s spring update will help with some key issues. The update comes out on February 11th. The February update will have Kinect voice recognition improvements, increase stability, add USB keybaord support and tools for developers. You can finally see how much space you’ve got left on your hard drive. One hopes that they add a way to uninstall apps, game updates and demos. You will be able to see a battery meter for your controller and the dashboard gets a much needed reorganization.  

Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten says:

 “Now you can pick the order in which you want your content to load and we’ve added a boot progress indicator so you can better track updates while they load.”  

The 2nd update comes to Xbox One systems in less than a month after the February update. On March 4th Xbox One owners will get a fully revamped party system. This party system update come just in time for the launch of the much hyped Titanfall. The game is a multiplayer Mech shooter hybrid. That is all we know about the 2nd update. What I would like to see is the Xbox One become the multimedia device I was promised. I want the same or more options for media consumption that the Xbox 360 has. I want, no, I need HBO go. If it’s not a feature by the time Game of Thrones starts, I will have to look elsewhere. While we are on the subject of lacking, Xbox One is still lacking streaming. Let us hope that it is part of 2nd update if not the in the first. 


By Rubens Saintel

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