Vine just stepped into the very crowded world of messaging. Facebook has WhatsApp. Google has Hangouts and now Twitter has..well Vine. The app has added messaging via text or video. The Twitter-owned service has lets you send videos to anyone in your contacts, even if they don’t have Vine installed. The update is out for Android and iOS users. Sorry Windows Phone, there is no update for you just yet.

To make a Vine message the steps are very simple. Select the new messages option, record a video and hit send. You can send a Vine message to more than one person at a time. You can not send messages to multiple people. Your messaging receiving options are friends or people outside your network. If you want you can turn off your “Other” inbox.

Vine messages.

From Vine’s early days, we recognized that there was a growing desire and need for private messaging on Vine. We’ve watched the community come up with some clever ways to send videos to their friends as we’ve been working on this solution. Now you can privately send Vine videos and text messages to your friends. You can even send videos to anyone in your address book, even if they aren’t on Vine.

By Rubens Saintel

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