If you thought that 3D printing was a fad much like 3D movies; you might be wrong. Staples betting that it is not a fad and is bubbling down on the segment. It was one of the first national retailers to sell 3D printers in stores. Now the company is taking it a step further by offering US customers a chance to print 3D objects right in the store. The hope is that small businesses start using the service. However, before it can win over the business it has to win over the I visual. To that end, they are handing out action figures and personalized Starfleet officers to customers. 

Customers will be able to use 6 types of 3D printers and six types of materials right in store. Staples will outsource if a customer wants to print something a little larger than what Staples can do in the store. Staples will also have trained graphic design consultants on hand to help customers turn their vision in a 3D model that can be printed out. This is not Staples first try into 3D printing services. Staples has had 3D printing services for about a year in Europe. This time around in the states Staples is hoping to win over individual customers as a well as small businesses.

Staples is trying to distinguish itself by helping those customers through the entire process. ~ Damien Leigh, Staples Sr. VP of business Services

Staples started 3D printing services in New York and Los Angeles. If the pilot in those two stores do well it will expand 3D printing services to more stores and eventually nationwide. Staples did not share any prices as of this writing. It may be an exercise in futility trying to get a price scale. The price will depend on how complex the project you want to print is. The more complex the more material needs to be used thus will cost more. The future looks bright for 3D printing. I’m going to ask that no one else will ask. What items are customers not allowed to print? 

By Rubens Saintel

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