IU contestent


I find it very interesting the way our society looks at things. We can look at the very same picture or video and come up with a completely different set of point of views. This kid Julian like most of us under pressure simply choose the wrong answer. Ok, I really can’t defend how he articulated this the answer to this puzzle.  However, I do not think race is a reason for his misstep as some media outlets are implying. Jokes about “No Child Left Behind” implying his horrible pronunciation had anything to do with his race is as stupid as his answer to the puzzle.

Julian is obviously educated enough to make it into University of Indiana. For the record consideration for applicants into IU must have a grade point average of B or better. In fall 2013, the middle 50 percent range of SAT scores for admitted freshmen was 1110–1320 (critical reading and math only), and the middle 50 percent range of ACT scores was 24–30.

By Rubens Saintel

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