Nintendo maybe at a rough patch right now but this company knows how to make iconic game systems. Before there were smartphones there was the Game Boy. A few have tried before and a lot after but none has done it better. The Game Boy was released in Japan today April 21st back in 1989. However, it did not hit the states until the middle of August. The first Game Boy came with a very addictive game. You might be thinking Super Mario Brothers but nope, it came with Tetris. Everyone is just waiting for Nintendo to release some of its classic games on to the AppStore or Google Play but Nintendo like Apple tends to do this its own way and at its own speed.

The specs of the original Game Boy are a joke compared to what you probably have in your pocket now but back then. This device was priceless.

  • An 8-bit, 4.19 MHz CPU
  • 8 kB of video RAM
  • No color but you did have four shades of gray
  • 160 × 144 pixel LCD display

By Rubens Saintel

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