Shazam had a very nice update today. They are adding the feature that allows users to play full song playback. The full song playback is powered by Rdio. This feature makes Shazam the go to place discovery of music. You can pretty much now have music exploration without ever leaving the app.

We are thrilled to be the first streaming music service to power Shazam’s new in-app song playback. This partnership helps us deliver on our promise to be everywhere music is being discovered. ~Chris Becherer, SVP of Product at Rdio.

Rdio subscribers will be able to access two features: Your Shazamed Tracks which is an automatic playlist of all the tracks a user has Shazam.  They will also get Add to Playlist button: Allows users to choose additional Rdio playlists into which they can put the songs they Shazam. For those that are not subscribers of Rdio will be asked to install the app. You can get the update today on the iOS but not on the Android just yet.  Shazam touches more than 475 million users in 200 countries. Shazan also has just about 90 million monthly active users.

Shazaming a song is just the beginning of a listener’s journey. Now, in partnership with Rdio, fans can listen to the music they discover without even leaving the app, making Shazam a terrific place to enjoy great music. ~ Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer for Shazam.

By Rubens Saintel

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