Google may be synonymous with Android but as more manufactures look to make their own mark that could very well change. One such company looking to take Android in a whole new Google-less direction is Cyanogen. Cyanogen is known for taking care of those ignored by their manufacturers. The folks that didn’t get the new shiny Android update could turn to Cyanogen. What started as a mod has grown to be a respected young company. The creators have worked hard to get noticed and it is working. They have been able to amas millions of dollars in funding and secure backing from Microsoft. The Cyanogen open source fork version of Android is embedded into the beloved OnePlus One. The chip maker Qualcomm confirmed that it will install Cyanogen OS on its Reference Design products. That is a very big deal for Cyanogen because Qualcomm’s Reference Design program serves as way for smaller companies to pick up smartphone templates and release them under their own brand. This should help Cyanogen grow like wild followers. This is the first step in many for Cyanogen to really transition from a small community startup into a reputable software company.

Cyanogen’s CEO want s to drive Android away from Google  for it can  be open to everyone. Not in the royalty since it is now but really open to build your own product without the dependency on Google. You might think he is living a fools dream but he has help as mentioned before. One of Cyanogen’s greatest supporters is Microsoft. The company is investing 70 million in Cyanogen. That is no small investment since Cyanogen claims to have raised 100 million total so far. Could Microsoft be using Cyanogen as trojan horse to get is hands on Android for its own use? I don’t see why it would do this. At last report it is making more from Android royalties than it from its own Windows Phones. That said, competition is always a good thing.