The other woman might not know she is in fact the other woman. She might think that she has a man who is committed only to her or that he is single. How do you know if you are the other woman. Well here are some signs to look for. This is what a guy hopes you do not see. Now if you know you are the other woman and continue that is on you.

[I] Mi casa no es tu casa

You have been dating for well over a month and you don’t know the color of my bathroom. 80% of the time that means the guy is cheating and you’re the one he is cheating with.

[II] An Army of One

We have been dating or just hanging out for a while now. You know of my friends but have never met any of them. Not knowing the people in my life is normal for few weeks but not knowing meeting any after a few months is suspect.

[III] Booty Call Hours

What is that you may ask. If you are only seeing him after 10pm on any given day; even days he is off work. Then you are the other woman. Now keep in mind that only works if you are dating. If you are just Friends with benefits you have no claim what so ever. You knew what you signed up for.

[IV] No posting on my Wall

He says. I don’t have a Facebook page you can get to. My security settings won’t let me add anyone. Lie. He set them he knows how to change them to let you in. Ok, you managed to let him add you. Now he tells you don’t post on his wall. Or he may add you but he blocks you from seeing his wall all together. WTF? If you are alright with that you are not only the other woman but should really consider some self-help books.

[V] It’s the Batphone

Evey time I get a call I leave the room but only if it is a female. This female also happens to be a friend at work. Red flag women.

[VI] Text be gone

I just got a text. As soon as I am done reading and replying to it, Poof it’s deleted. Same goes for call logs.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. | |

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