DOnT ChEaT!! Just break up with the person you are with. If you really want to cheat read on.

Disclaimer: I say it again, It’s easier to end a relationship than be a cheater. Rubens Saintel does not condone or agree with this action at all. He can not be held accountable for your foolishness. He should not be judged by this post in future, past or present relationships to be, were or are.

I. Self identity Theft
This may sound common sense but now a days it seems that its expensive and people have it on lay away. Why would you use your real information in any of your shenanigans?  You should create an email that doesn’t have your real full name. Make it something vague  but not stalker type. Make it something like (sorry if there is someone with that name). You should do the same thing for social networks.Why? Well because Facebook is like the  buffet of options.Keep in mind though that social networks are a minefield that can get you discovered very fast if not careful.

II. eHarmony is not harmonious
Do not use any of these sites. Why? You have to upload a profile picture to get people to notice you. What happens with pictures? They get noticed. Crazy concept, I know. The last thing you want is your partner’s best friend finding you on an online dating site. Use the site Ashley Madison. It’s a site specifically for lovable cheaters.  Their motto is: “Life is short. Have an affair. Craigslist also work but no sites that are made just for dating.

III. My other PC is a Mac

Picture this: your partner starts typing in and the browser auto-fills with your fake page because you forgot to log out.  Now she or he is reading all those messages from so and so.  Use public computers people. In this day and age it should be easy to do. Go to a Best Buy, Micro Center, Apple Store, hhGreg even a library works. I know you could lock down your computer down like Fort Knox but that will just arouse suspicion. The key to cheating is to act as though you have nothing to hide.

IV. Cone of silence

You don’t want that call from “insert name here” popping onto the screen while the love of your life is playing Angry Birds on your phone. Get a booty line. A phone line you only use for that one purpose. Its easy enough to do. There are online places just giving it away. Skype also works for this. If you really want to go all out get a 2nd phone all together a if your partner discovers it just say the office gave it to you and is making you carry it.

V.  What had happen was..
You didn’t listen to the advice and now suspicions are flying all over the place. Your partner is asking all types of questions that you just dont have answers for. A lot of questions, too many questions. What do you do? The internet provides all to those that look. There is s site for that,  Alibinetwork can give you the answers you do not have. It can send you fake email confirmations for doctors appointments and job interviews. It can also do caller ID spoofing so that someone thinks you’re in another country if need be. If you really can not think of an alibi (you should not be cheating)  They’ll even come up with  an excuse for you. This is not a free site. This dirty job will cost you anywhere from $30 to $500. Ask your self is it worth it? Just break up with her and save some money.

By Rubens Saintel

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