IE 9

IE 9

In a announcement that must was intended to up-stage Steve Jobs’ open letter to Adobe, the IE9 development team has stated that their new browser will only support H.264.

If such sad news wasn’t big enough, Microsoft’s IE Blog team also took pot-shots at Adobe. They said “Flash does have some issues, particularly around reliability, security, and performance.” Wow, who would have thought that Apple & Microsoft would be on the same side of anything. But when it comes to Microsoft its only about the money. After giving patents to HTC to make Google phones; I think anything is possible. Next up Starbucks with Steve Jobs.

For those wondering, Microsoft what is in it for Microsoft since H.264 is free to use. Well I am gland you asked. Intellectual property rights! Microsoft has a stake in H.264 and its ‘freeness’ will terminate in 2016. H.264 will make the Web a lot smoother for people but in the long run but Microsoft will gain a huge amount of control. What do you think about that Apple?

By Rubens Saintel

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