There are many experienced researchers working on iOS exploits and we believe that many of these talents will be attracted by the bounty and will definitely succeed. ~Chaouki Bekrar CEO of Zerodium

Zerodium is paying a cool $1 million for iOS 9 zero-day exploits. The problem is this with is many but we will start with the most obvious. Selling exploits only leads to back doors for the government. In turn those exploits will be used on the public as a whole not just the bad guys. Chaouki Bekrar who is the founder of Zerodium has sold exploits to the highest bidder instead of letting the own of the compromised product know about the issue. That is not how security researchers should operate and most don’t. Zerodium doesn’t want these exploits closed until it can make a profit on them. The PR stunt show has certainly got the attention of a lot hackers and media. Zerodium is willing to pay $3 million for three iOS 9 zero-day exploits. They will pay $1 million for each.   offering to pay for up to three exploits. Think about it. Would you release a jailbreak to the community for free if someone was offering you six figures for it?