Got an iPad? Is it jailbroken yet? No, well why not? I have a reason why you should jump on this bandwagon. There are many cool things you can do once you have your idevice jailbroken. One such tweak is changing that standard iOS look into something more visually pleasing. Winterboard changes the way your iOS looks but Dreamboard takes that a step further. The folks over at iOS X Ultimatum brought OS X Mountain Lion’s theme user interface to the iPhone. Maybe it will look better on the iPhone 5 which will have a bigger screen but on my iPhone 4S the icons in the dock were too small to use. Fnet Designs have released a Dreamboard theme on Cydia called OS X Pad HD, which turns your iPad into a MacPad.

The Dreamboard theme does the following:

  • Fully functional Finder bar with interactive and self aware menus options.
  • The Finder Window is very customizable with an all apps folder and 6 editable folders that you can change the label names to match your apps in that folder.
  • There are 5 “Quick Links” in Finder that you can change to anything available in your iPad complete with notification badges.
  • The Dock is COMPLETELY customizable. Add any of the pre-made ‘Mac-style’ icons to the 10 available slots, OR ADD ANYTHING FROM YOUR iPAD!
  • Quick Launch folder to add any favorite apps to that you can’t fit on the dock.
  • You can change the Docks color to match any of the almost 70 wallpapers (and more to come)
  • ALL UPDATES are also viewable and installed within the theme! Just go to ‘Software Update’ in the System Preferences Pane to view the latest updates available and change log


By Rubens Saintel

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