We have been waiting for the AppleTV for a long time. Some have even to lose hope but not us Apple faithful. Along the way we started to hear rumors of an Apple iWatch. We know Apple does things when it wants to and how it wants to but Google and its stepchild Motorola have beat you to the punch on a wearable smartwatch. Samsung did do a watch before but it was nothing like this. It only worked with Samsung phones and it was a big eyesore. Sony one of the first to come to market with a smartwatch. However, first to market does not mean first to win the hearts of the people or wallets of the people. What Motorola has been able to achieve is just wonderful. I for one will have to get one soon as it hits the stores. I have waited long enough Apple. [youtube=]

Android Wear is Google Glass for your wrist. Meaning you have the same card features and easy navigation even with your voice. Google hopes to use Android Wear to cut Samsung and others at the past. They would like to see this space work with all Android phones not just one from a single manufacture. The Moto 360 and LG G Watch are the first in what may a long list of smartwaches to use the software. The Moto 360 by Motorola so far looks to be the most beautiful and functional.

The round watch face screen may be a no brainer but up to this point no one has even attempted it before. The Moto 360 looks like a regular watch from a distance. However with Google Now you can get all the relevant information you would from a smartphone with almost just a simple glance.

Below are the facts or lack there of that we know about Moto 360 thanks to the Google Hangout Q &A with lead designer Jim Wicks:

It’s water-resistant. We don’t know how much, or if it’s as waterproof as the Pebble. Sounds like it won’t be good for swimming. There’s no charge port it uses wireless technology? It works with any Android 4.3 phone. you’ll be able to change bands. Moto 360 won’t be the only round Android Wear watch. There’s no camera.  But there’s only one button. You can talk to it using Google Now. We don’t know the what’s battery life going to be like. We don’t know when is it available.  We have no clue how much does it cost.

By Rubens Saintel

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