jet blue

JetBlue is teaming up with the free app GateGuru. Almost every company is trying to cash in on the location based service trend. Whether McDonald’s teaming up with the yet to be announced Facebook location based service or Starbucks with FourSquare. Well, GateGuru is like FourSquare but for Airports. It has the expected information such as departure times to maps of where the gate you need is located. What sets GateGuru apart is it also has user generated information in the same light as FourSquare’s ‘Tips’ section. An example is how well the Wi-Fi works. (That is important, trust me)

GateGuru is a great service with a lot of users. Users stuck in an airport have to spend money at the airport. This is a no brainer for companies and it is only a matter of time before more sign on with GateGuru. JetBlue is the first one to jump on board since GateGuru updated its app to connects advertisers and marketers with frequent travelers.

JetBlue is hoping to entice more customers by offering 1 round trip pass for the most frequent GateGuru user each month. Second place gets $100 gift certificate. This only for five JetBlue markets (the New York metro area, Chicago, Florida, Boston, and California) although I was able to get to the add after picking BWI (Baltimore) as an airport.

By Rubens Saintel

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