earth shaped like an apple

Apple has a great way of motivating people when it comes to their Apple Watch Activity Challenges.  Not just the ones that happen on special days, but also the ones that you can achieve every day, week or month.  It gives me the push to be able to say – hey, look what I did this month.  I crushed my Move Goal every day in March.  Depending on how high your Move Goal is, that might not be much of a challenge.  That said, I think they do a great job of pushing my fitness boundaries.  On the verge of Earth Day, Apple is releasing their second Activity Challenge for that particular day.

Earth Day, which takes place on April 22 is when the challenge will be live.  This year, Apple has upgraded its sticker pack for iMessages with animated designs.  Apple has also changed the requirement slightly this year.  Last year’s Activity Challenge required a “walk, run, cycle, wheelchair or swim workout of 30 minutes” in order to unlock the achievement.  This year’s workout challenge has the same 30 minute time requirement, but for any workout that you do.  You’re not limited to the 5 listed above.  Which means, if you do your HIIT workout on Sundays, then it will count towards the challenge.

earth day activity challenge

As I said, Earth Day is April 22, and that’s when the challenge will go live. The Earth Day Challenge is available globally.  Some have only been available in the United States, but not this one.

While I love Activity Challenges, because I’m a competitive person, I do wonder what basis there is for having an Activity Challenge on Earth Day.  It seems kind of odd, right?  If Apple’s challenge was for you to walk or take your bike to work, I could see that as a benefit to the Earth and the environment.  But the challenge is to simply get moving.  Again, I love the challenge itself, but I’m just wondering if it’s a bit misguided?  Maybe misguided is too strong of a word, so I’ll say misplaced.

Again, I think that if the challenge was related to some kind of fitness holiday, then this makes complete sense.  But maybe the point is that there aren’t any holidays that incorporate fitness.  In fact, most “holidays” tend to promote being sedentary and not exercising.  I’m using the term holiday very loosely here as I don’t think of Earth Day as a holiday, but I think you get my point.

Which is why I am going to retract my earlier statement of misguided/misplaced because at least Apple is promoting physical exercise and fitness.  And they’re doing it in a way that is challenging and fun so people actually want to get up off their couch and exercise.  I personally just like to get these badges because I am highly competitive.  But, at the same time, I will easily give up on a goal or a challenge if there are too many stipulations around the challenge.  I like the 30-minute workout challenge.  It’s a Sunday, which is often my rest day, so you might see me out walking around the neighborhood just to get the badge and stickers.