CNN is stirring controversy with an article that calls the upcoming NBA All-Star Game “Black Thanksgiving.” NBA analyst David Aldridge, calls All Star Weekend a “national holiday” for African-Americans. This is not so offensive.  The article is still up and the title has not changed. The first sentence is; (CNN) — So, you want to know about Black Thanksgiving?

The article also ran in the middle of the front page of CNN’s home page . People were saying things like:

  •   “Shame on you CNN for perpetuating the racism in America…and for what, to get readers? Are you that desperate?”
  • This is CNN…This is what it has come to get news? You have to make your own?
  • “You managed to include every Black stereotype known to the Western world in this article,”

The article drew social slaps from twitter and bloggers alike. I expect better from you CNN.  That being said. This is a good article that is very well written. Just a bad use of wordage for a title and some points. Here is the meaning of the title:

“Baseball’s Negro League All-Star Game was once the biggest national black social event of the year.” Boyd of USC said. “It seems that the NBA All-Star Game serves a similar purpose now, but on a much bigger platform.”

It celebrates the extended community –the incredible athletic, improvisational ability of the NBA’s best players; the incredible economic power of those stars, the sway they hold over the media and corporate America, a reality that would not have been thinkable 40 years ago.

Here is a link if you want to see it for yourself. CNN Drops the ball for All Star Weekend

By Rubens Saintel

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