Sunday’s critical Game 3 was close for almost all 48 minutes. Noah usually plays very well for Chicago Bulls as a clean up man but tonight he did not do that. He got less than 10 rebounds. The only person that played well for the Bulls was Carlos Boozer. He did his part but it was not enough.  Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat played with a chip on his shoulder the whole game. He end up with more than 30 points.

The Eastern Conference finals is going to be won in the 4th quarter. That is when teams do muster a last run of 9 to 12 points. Those las few minutes will decide who gets that W. This night it was the Heat. They have 2 superstars and a great role player in Bosh. As I said before they can share the load. Rose does not have that luxury. If he does not get at least 30 points the Bulls can not win this series. 20 points is not going to cut it.

This is going to be an extremely physical and defensive minded series.  The games are all going to be sub 100. That is what happens when you have two very good defenses going at each other. Tonight’s 96-85 victory was more a testament to how well the Bulls played rather than how well the Heat scored.  James only had 22 and Wade had 17 not so super but it was enough since they had another person to lean on.

By Rubens Saintel

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