NBA Best Player

For YOU there is only one Jordan and all comparisons to him are an insult. For YOU Jordan is overrated and Kobe is the truth. For YOU Jordan was overrated and Kobe is half as good Jordan.  Depending on when YOU grew up, the question of who is the best NBA player ever is not even a debate. In the words of Jay-Z; “Women lie, Men lie, numbers don’t.”

The numbers don’t lie. However it take a moment to think how they would have have been different if James or Kobe would have went to college for 4 years. What would have happen if Jordan had not taken those years off to play baseball. Jordan left at his prime the fist time he walked away from the game. He could have won one more, maybe two more championships.



What can not be argured is that LeBron has a better cast than Jordan ever did. Should Dwyade Wade stay healthy King James could be looking at a lot more rings. I will go on record on stating that James will not get eight championships. It’s just not possible. For as good as he is, he is just not  selfish enough to will his team to championship. He does not have the drive to or leadership to build a team up from the ground up. Jordan didn’t leave the Bulls when Pistons use to beat them every year. He learned to play smarter. He learned to how to get the most of his team. Kobe didn’t leave the Lakers when Shaq left. He worked harder and albeit more selfish to get his team to the finals and ultimately the championship. To be fair both Jordan and Kobe had the best coach in the NBA in Phil Jackson. Erik Spoelstra never played in the NBA. He is not a good coach, he was just lucky enough to have a great team put together for him and to have the great president that happens to also be one of the best coaches ever. Pat Riley has served as the head coach of five championship teams and an assistant coach to another. In the end we can’t choose the best player until after they are all done playing.


By Rubens Saintel

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