NBA Finals 2009

lebron and kobe

Everyone is waiting and David Stern is praying it happens. What am I talking about? Los Angeles Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers of course. Kobe vs. James would be a ratings monster for the NBA and also in my opinion a great thing for fans that long for real captivating games. Let’s be honest the Celtics were lucky last year. None of the “Big 3” lived up to the hype. This year the Bulls proved that Boston is not a real contender or an elite team, they can be beat in the first round.

Now for The Lakers to reach the final championship game Kobe Bryant, who was 16-for-24 yesterday, does not need to be Superman every game in the next two remaining rounds. The only real treat in the western conference that he will have to lock down are the Dallas Mavericks . If by some chance The Spurs beat Dallas than Kobe can just take a vacation because the Lakers bench can do it alone against The Spurs.

For Cavs to reach the summit even though they had 66-16 record this season and they protected home court (39-2); they will have to get by Miami and Boston. Ok, just Miami. LeBron James is considered one of the NBA’s best scorers but this year he has stepped it up in another direction, namely defense. Lots of it, suddenly he is a fearsome defender that is in a players face from the moment the ball is in those players’ hands. So the cards are set but the Cavs will have a harder time getting there while Kobe will be waiting to make history happen either way.

By Rubens Saintel

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